Crunching numbers, simplifying life!

Hello! I’m Usman Yahya, creator of SUM SQ.

I have a master’s degree in Plant Breeding and Genetics, but I also love to write. In fact, I mixed my love for numbers with my passion for writing, and that’s how SUM SQ was born.

Its website has calculators and converters designed to make your life easier.

I’m probably curled up with a good book or enjoying a cricket match when I’m not simplifying calculations.

At SUM SQ, I believe in crunching numbers to simplify life.


My Vision

Making complex calculations easy and accessible for everyone, everywhere.

My Mission

  • Create various calculators and converters to help with all kinds of number problems.
  • Help people reduce paper and ink consumption, contributing a bit to reducing environmental pollution.
  • Build a community that sees how numbers can make life easier.

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