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With the arrival of the T20 format, cricket has changed. Scoring 100 runs on 150 balls in an ODI match is no longer considered a great achievement. You need to score at least ball a run in order to cement your place in modern cricket.

The batting strike rate calculator allows you to calculate your batting strike rate by entering the number of runs scored and the number of balls faced.

You can easily find out your strike rate or the strike rate of your favorite player.

Remember that, a good strike rate means more scores. Andre Russel, GJ Maxwell, and JC Buttler currently are on top in ODI cricket with strike rates of 130.22, 124.82, and 117.97 respectively.

Can you or your favorite place beat them? Use the calculator to find out!

Batting strike rate calcualtor cricket

If you are a bowler, you are in the wrong place (Joking). But I think you should be more interested in the bowling average.


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