Net Force Calculator (Resultant Force)

The net force calculator helps you calculate the magnitude and direction of the resultant force. It also calculates horizontal and vertical components.

Enter the forces (F₁ ,F₂, and F₃) and their angles (θ₁, θ₂, and θ₃) to calculate the resultant force.

In case you do not know, the vector sum of all forces acting on an item or system is the net force or resultant force.

Being a vector quantity, force must be described by its magnitude and direction. Like adding vectors, we should add the component forces to determine the net force.

Net Force X Direction = F1cos(a1) + F2cos(a2) + …

Net Force Y Direction = F1sin(a1) +F2sin(a2) +…

Net force (resultant force) calculator

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