Percentile Rank Calculator

The percentile rank calculator allows you to effortlessly determine the percentile of any data value within a set of up to 30 numbers.

Enter the data points and the data value to calculate the percentile rank.

In case you don't know, percentile rank is a way to compare a given score to the scores of other individuals. It is

You can calculate it by dividing the number of scores that are equal to or lower than the given score, by the total number of scores in the population. The resulting percentage (ranging from 0% to 100%) is the percentile rank of the given score.

For example, if a certain score has a percentile rank of 40, it means that 40% of all students got a result equal to or lower than it.

The formula of the percentile rank is:

Percentile rank= Values in set A that are less than or equal to Xm/ Total number of set A values

Percentile rank calculator

You might be interested in finding the class rank or the width of the class.


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