Stem and leaf calculator

You can use this stem and leaf plot calculator to draw a graph and explore related statistical entities.

Click the add number button to add the numbers. Once you click the calculate button, you will be able to see the minimum value, maximum value, range, count, sum, mean, median, standard deviation, and variance.

This stem and leaf tool also draws a table that shows the stem and leaves values.

A stem and leaf plot, also known as a stem and leaf diagram, is a way to arrange and represent data so that it is simple to see how frequently various data values occur. It is a plot that displays ordered numerical data.

A stem and leaf plot is a table that represents data values by dividing their digits into a stem and a leaf. The stem includes the first few digits, while the leaf represents the last digit. The values are separated by a vertical line (|).

For example, 106 is displayed as 10 | 6. The key, such as 10 | 6 = 106, represents the data value that the stem and leaf plot represents.

Stem and leaf calculator

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