Average Percentage Calculator

Average Percentage: %

The average percentage calculator helps you calculate the percentages within and without the specified sample sizes.

If your sample size is the same, select yes, and add all the percentages to calculate the average percentage.


If your sample size is different for different percentages, select no from the drop-down menu and enter the percentage and sample size of each group. It is also called the weighted average.

w 1 ​ +w 2 ​ +w 3 ​ +...+w n ​ a 1 ​ ⋅w 1 ​ +a 2 ​ ⋅w 2 ​ +a 3 ​ ⋅w 3 ​ +...+a n ​ ⋅w n / w1+ w2+.... wn

Average Percentage Calculator

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