Mechanical Advantage Calculator

Lever Pulley Screw Wedge Ramp Wheel and Axle

You can calculate the mechanical advantage of the lever, pulley, screw, wedge, ramp, wheel, and axis system by using this MA calculator.

Enter the effort arm and load arm for the lever to find the mechanical advantage.

Input the number of pulleys for the pulley system.

Enter the wedge length and thickness for the wedge system.

Input the ram length and height for the ramp system.

For the wheel and axis system, input the wheel and axel radius.

In case you don’t know, the ratio of the force that a machine produces to the force that is put on it is known as mechanical advantage. This is used to measure how well a machine works.


MA = the mechanical advantage

FB = force of the object

FA = Effort to overcome the force of the object

Mechanical Advantage Calculator

You might want to figure out the resultant force and gravitational energy.

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