Anaerobic Threshold Calculator

Anaerobic Threshold:

You can calculate your anaerobic threshold by using this anaerobic threshold calculator.

Enter your age, choose the formula type ( Haskel & Fox formula, Nes Formula, Tanaka, Monahan, and Seals formula), and press the calculate button.

In case you don't know, the degree of effort between aerobic and anaerobic exercise is known as the anaerobic threshold (AT).

While you exercise, your body must transition from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism at a certain point, known as the AT. The AT calculator is a valuable tool for determining exercise intensity during training and competition in endurance sports.

Haskel & Fox formula: BPMmax = 220 − age

Nes Formula: BPMmax​=211−0.64×age

Tanaka, Monahan, & Seals formula: BPMmax=208−0.7×age

Anaerobic threshold Calculator

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